Kerry grew up in Harney County and moved away in the late 80s for careers in the Military and Law Enforcement. Kerry retired from the military in 2017 as a Command Sergeants Major but continued in the law enforcement realm. Kerry maintained a residence in Harney County as well as a small cattle ranch south of Burns that his father and brothers ran.

Kerry returned home in 2016 when he was transferred back to Harney County. Kerry bought B and B Sporting Goods in 2018 when he learned it was about to close. The store had been in existence since 1963 and he did not want to see it close, so he purchased the store but was not allowed to keep the iconic name.


Dean was raised in Harney County and left upon graduation to pursue assorted careers. Dean returned to Harney County in 1990 where he worked in Law Enforcement. Dean retired in 2003 but stayed and pursued other interests.

Dean is a FBI and DPSST certified firearms instructor with over 20 years of experience. Dean is an avid hunter and loves to fish.

If you have questions about firearms or fishing gear Dean is the guy you want to talk to.

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